[lsb-discuss] Re: [lsb-futures] Qt libs ... included in the kernel 2.6 ... Why still blocked?

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando gorlando at futuretg.com
Fri Nov 7 04:04:44 PST 2003

Nils O. Selåsdal wrote:

>On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 11:01, Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando wrote:
>>Nils O. Selsdal wrote:
>>When, we will choose ONE? ... and discard the other?
>Will probably not happen ;) , depending on who "we" are.
In the past (1991) happens, when the challengers was: OSF/Motif (the 
winner) and Sun/OpenLook (the discarted).

Then, CDE, a standard adopt Motif. Actually, Motif become obsolete, but 
is still around, after KDE release.

Then, people start to discuss because KDE was based on Qt, and in those 
days, Qt was only QPL. Actually, is also GPL
but people don't want to pay attention.

In the while, GNOME was released and there are two modes to do things.

This double un-balance matter, or double choice, a virus (for me) now 
attach also the Linux Kernel compilation in graphical mode.

We (the community must choose one), but because actually it is involved 
just all the world, thanks to Internet
it is really more complicated.

... However, the world is more smart (I hope), and will choose one :-) .

>>I continue to like and prefer KDE and Qt. Sorry. It is more nice to work 
>But one cannot(Should not) do that. If one wants to give the world a
>desktop/gui development framework, one cannot excpect companies to
>either GPL their applications or pay(a rather large fee) for licensing 
>the technology. Our company would not, a few others I've talked would
>not either.
No. I don't beleive is a question or GPL or a lot of money. Actually the 
problem is the double choice.


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