[lsb-futures] [lsb-discuss] Qt libs ... included in the kernel 2.6 ... Why still blocked?

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando gorlando at futuretg.com
Fri Nov 7 12:13:17 PST 2003

>You've made it very clear that (a) you have some very strange ideas of
>what you think children and secretaries might want to do, and (b) you
>have demonstrated that you have no idea what the goals of LSB are.
I hope that you DON'T belong to the LSB team. Otherwise me and the people
that read this mailing list are losing their time.

Instead if you belong to the LSB ... I understand what kind of people are
working on.

Actually, I am in Italy and I cannot advice you a serious doctor in your 
area. I am sorry for

Have a nice day.


>						- Ted

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