[lsb-discuss] Distribution identification

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at samba.org
Thu Nov 13 14:47:08 PST 2003

At 2003/11/13 23:10+0100  Michal Svec writes:
> It would be nice if there could be a single way for this stuff.
> It could be in, let's say, /etc/linux-release or even more
> general in /etc/distribution, /etc/release, /etc/product or
> /etc/identification or like that.
> It should be script-parsable, for example something like this:
>     PRODUCT="SUSE Linux"
>     RELEASE="9.0"
>     VERSION="SP3"
> What do you think?

We already have lsb_release which is included as part of an LSB
compliant system:


We do probably have to do a little work in the spec
to specify output explictly so scripts can use it reliably in
the future.

cyeoh at au.ibm.com
IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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