[lsb-discuss] VOLUNTEER: Add TLS to LSB v2.0?

George Kraft gk4 at austin.ibm.com
Tue Sep 16 07:49:05 PDT 2003

The LSB has intended to specify thread local storage for the written
specifications; however, we have been overloaded.  We need understand
which Linux distros have TLS, or when.  We also need to know for which
hardware architectures.  Finally, we need a proposed set of patches to
be added to the generic LSB and to the architecure LSBs.  This all needs
to be done by Oct 17th!  Any volunteers?

George (gk4)

4/30/03 LSB Conf Call

TLS needs to be spec-ed plus tested.   PPC64 ABI and Itanium psABI have
TLS.    Perhaps we can uplift to gLSB.  There is some information in the
TLS paper.   No defaults for stack or data sections.   Need to define an
ELF flag to  determine if the stack is executible.  Need some spec at
the ELF level, then  in the arch level on how to us it


7/21/03 LSB Workgroup at OLS

Chris has done some register work for PPC64 in the archLSB.   Some TLS
will go in the gLSB and some will go in the ELF spec.  We could pull in
the generic stuff as a starting point.

7/30/03 LSB Conf Call

We should add TLS in object format area of the LSB specs.



George (gk4)

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