[lsb-discuss] VOLUNTEER: Add TLS to LSB v2.0?

Jim Knoble jmknoble+lsb-discuss at pobox.com
Tue Sep 16 10:10:02 PDT 2003

Circa 2003-09-16 09:49:05 -0500 dixit George Kraft:

: The LSB has intended to specify thread local storage for the written
: specifications; however, we have been overloaded.  We need understand
: which Linux distros have TLS, or when.  We also need to know for which
: hardware architectures.

{Sigh}.  Anyone else confused yet?  For a number of folks, TLS =
Transport Layer Security (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2246.html), the
successor to SSLv3 (Secure Sockets Layer).

Many Linux distributions have had SSL/TLS support included for some
time, for most, if not all, of their supported architectures.

Can't anyone find a less ambiguous moniker for "thread-local storage"?

Maybe "thread-specific storage (TSS)", which doesn't have nearly as
many hits in the same namespace? (http://www.google.com/search?q=TSS)
Or perhaps:

  "per-thread storage (PTS)"
  "thread-unique storage (TUS)"
  "thread-local storage areas (TLSA)"

It's particularly confusing when talking about "adding TLS to the LSB"
... do you mean SSL/TLS, or thread-local storage?

Or am i the only one who thinks this is confusing?

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