[lsb-discuss] [Patch] Remove all depreciated parts from gLSB's command section

Tobias Burnus tobias.burnus at physik.fu-berlin.de
Wed Sep 17 15:24:52 PDT 2003


this patch removes all sections marked as depreciated in the gLSB 1.3,
especially the commands "sum" and "rsync" (they also need to be removed
from the database).

I also removed in "chown" the part which allows to use user.group
although this was not depreciated in 1.3. (Reason: Those who have
install a glibc with POSIX 1003.1-2001 defined, automatically have a chown
which doesn't accept the dot.) -- I might have removed other parts which
were not depreciated in 1.3 (but are marked as such in 1.9-WIP).

 (150302 bytes, 7224 lines, 58 files changed,
  32 insertions(+), 6387 deletions(-))

See also Spec Authority Call 2003-09-17
"Do we want to drop deprecated differences sections in commands? Answer:
yes. Tobias to work on this. Let's ask to see a diff which just drops
deprecated differences, with any other changes not in that particular


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