[lsb-discuss] Re: [Lsb-specauth] [Patch] Remove all depreciated parts from gLSB's command section

Jim Kingdon kingdon at panix.com
Wed Sep 24 07:39:03 PDT 2003

> chown with '.' is a GNU extension, nevertheless they florish.

No, other way around.  "." is the way it was since the feature was
first invented (BSD maybe, not sure it was in v7).  ":" is a standards
committee invention designed to deal with "." being legal in a user or
group name.

> When the LSB requires the '.' then they cannot use SUSv3, when the
> shall not support the '.' (= full SUSv3) then they are forced to use the
> SUSv3. (Probably I see problem were are none.)

There is a problem with keeping "." as we have it (which is that
"chown user.one:group.two" is legal in SUS), but it might be
hypothetical rather than one we should worry about.

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