[lsb-discuss] notes from 2004-08-05 LSB meeting

Andrew Josey ajosey at rdg.opengroup.org
Tue Aug 10 22:17:02 PDT 2004


A few comments on the certification issues raised.

On Aug 9,  3:01pm in "[lsb-discuss] notes ", Branden Robinson wrote:
> Certification Issues
> --------------------
> MW: We have a question before us about how well certification is working.
> ??: It should be easier to clone data for submission to the web site.  The
> Open Group system still suffers from many bugs.  The biggest problem was
> that payment for 7 certifications at once wih a credit card was impossible.
> You furthermore can't use multiple credit cards for submitting multiple
> certifications.

I'd welcome information on the "bugs" to ensure we address them, I'd
also welcome more information on "cloning" (perhaps this is copy
various properties from an existing submission?)

I am looking to introduce an alternate method for credit
card processing to address the particular problem raised. 

> N?: It should be a P.O./invoice model.
PO/invoice is an alternative (as is wire transfer/check)
but credit card is the preferred way , since the other ways delay the process
of certification.


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