[lsb-discuss] Creating an XML/SGML LSB Component/ Freestandards Workgroup

Mark Johnson mrj at debian.org
Wed Aug 11 18:17:54 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I've been working for the past couple years (w/ support from 
freestandards) to establish an LSB-XML/SGML workgroup tasked with 
developing an XML (& SGML) module for LSB.

However, we've not been successful in forming the workgroup as I was (at 
the time) seeking salary support for managing such a workgroup. At 
present I'm able to manage the group w/o any sort of external funding 
through freestandards.

My problem is this: despite many attempts at contacting/engaging 
*anyone* at freestandards, I've yet to receive a response.

My request, then, is: does anyone have any contact information regarding 
the apppropriate contacts at freestandards? (I've tried info@*, 
mailman@*, and webmaster@* [where *= freestandards.org]), and have yet 
to receive a response of any kind.

Rationale for Workgroup:

The present implementations of XML (policies for file placement, 
directory structure, and the implementation of the OASIS XML Catalogs 
spec [1]) on linux systems vary widely, and most are not scalable when 
considering the installation (and downloading) of XML resources.

We need a standard way to register packaged XML resources in the the (as 
yet unstandardized implementation of) XML Catalog system, as well as a 
stamdard means to cache XML resources retrieved from the network.

What we need is workgroup whose goal is to address the issues I've 
mentioned (plus other, outstanding issues).

Given that all of inquiries I've made to freetandards on this issue 
have, at present, remain unanswered, I'm hoping someone on this list may 
be able to provide me with some specific contact info for someone at 

I, and many others, feel that this is an important issue and that should 
become part of LSB. Any help here would be appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me off-list.


Mark Johnson      <mrj at debian.org>
Debian XML/SGML:  <http://debian-xml-sgml.alioth.debian.org>
OS Product Documentation Group    <mjohnson at redhat.com>
Engineering Dept., Red Hat, Inc
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