[lsb-discuss] /usr/bin/env bash

Mark Brown bmark at us.ibm.com
Tue Aug 17 11:12:11 PDT 2004

Mark Hatle writes:
> We use "#! /usr/bin/env bash" extensivly in our products.  Why?  because 

> we have absolutly no idea where on the system the user has installed 
> By using /usr/bin/env bash, we ensure that bash is run based on the 
> users environment and not some hard coded (somewhat arbitrary location). 

>   Same could be said for /bin/sh.

This still requires a specification of exec() that includes it knowing 
what to
do with a file that starts with a "magic number" of "#!", and then how to
parse the following string...for example, having a whitespace char after
the "#!", is it really allowed? & etc. We found this hard to pin down
in POSIX/UNIXland.

But once you have that specified, you either have to define *exactly* 
the "standard shell" is located on the FS, or do the same with "env".

Mark S. Brown 
STSM, UNIX/Linux OS Standards
IBM Systems Group, Linux Technology Center
bmark at us.ibm.com

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