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"·  How to Contribute

The LSB project welcomes contributions. To help maintain continuity actual 
changes to the specification and the source code are done by the core team, but 
there are many other ways to contribute:

Participate in LSB email forum discussions 

File bugs and requests for new features with the project bugtracker (select 
Bugs from http://sourceforge.net/proje cts/lsb) 

Upload proposed patches to the project patch manager (select Patches from 
http://sourceforge.net/proje cts/lsb 

Partner with a core team member 

Offer to take on or fund some major piece of work such as developing additional 
test coverage 

Constructive contributions are welcome and appreciated! 

All of these points have links to sourceforge.net. They should be updated to 
the FSG/LSB corresponding pages.   
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