[lsb-discuss] [Bug 604] New: new theme has problems w/ Mozilla, Firefox

bugzilla-daemon at freestandards.org bugzilla-daemon at freestandards.org
Mon Nov 1 08:17:23 PST 2004

With the "new" website theme on www.linuxbase.org and www.freestandards.org
there are problems viewing content with Mozilla and Firefox browsers (both use
the Gecko engine).  Homepage is okay, but other content may display with the
content missing entirely, or off to the right of the content box.  Some of this
may be cache-filling effects (?) - the no-content situation is only first-time,
and after the content starts to display in the right place (it's not clear how
this happens), it stays working.  Creating a new article often slips back into
the old way: when you click preview, you get an off-the-right display again.  

No idea at all whether this is a Gecko issue or something nonstandard PHP-Nuke
is doing that's non-standards-compliant that just this browser engine refuses to
handle right.

dwarf.freestandards.org, which uses the old theme, does not seem to have this
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