[lsb-discuss] question on LSB internatonalisation runtime

Lawrence Lim llim at redhat.com
Sun Apr 10 23:57:23 PDT 2005

Hi all,
I just have a quick question in regards to LSB internationalisation
runtime. I have gone through the specification of LSB3.0 and noticed
that internationalisation runtime was not addressed explicitly. I could
have missed out on something. Could someone please point me to the
correct direction?

I would also like to take this opportunity to find out if anyone is
aware of the version of the internationalisation runtime included in the

Please correct me if I am wrong, I believe that the LSB
internationalisation runtime (li18nux) included in LSB1.3 and LSB2.0 is
based on the older openi18n 1.2 specification which is not updated
anymore. A new version openi18n 1.3 is now available and can be found at
the following URL:


I will file a bug against LSB3.0 shortly, and if LSB3.0 includes the
later version of openi18n test suite, please let me know and I will
resolve the bug immediately. 


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