[lsb-discuss] RE: [Lsb-desktop] KDE representation

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at samba.org
Wed Aug 10 08:41:18 PDT 2005

Hi Rajesh,

At 2005/8/9 11:26-0700  Banginwar, Rajesh writes:
> Hi Olaf,
> 	Yes, restarting the toolkit wars or dividing the community is
> the last thing LSB wants to do. 
> Let me try to summarize our discussion in yesterday's plenary session:
> There are few options we can consider:
> 1. Trolltech changing their licensing 
> 2. LSB changing their licensing criteria
> 3. All Qt applications to link statically if interested to get LSB
> certification.

I know this was brought up in previous LSB meetings, but I was
wondering if the concept of having a "GPL" module for libraries like
Qt was considered at the plenary. This would allow the LSB to provide
standards for Qt based applications but at the same time make it clear
to application writers what their obligations would be (eg either be
GPL'd or in the case of Qt have the possiblity of paying Trolltech).

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