[lsb-discuss] standardized C++ apps?

Karol Pietrzak (RIT Student) kap4020 at rit.edu
Sat Jul 30 12:59:32 PDT 2005

Hey everyone.

My interests in Linux lie mostly in desktop arena, where Linux is currently weakest.  One of the biggest reasons, I think, is the lack of a standardized C++ ABI.

In the real world, this means I can't run many (even most) Fedora Core 4 binaries in Fedora Core 3.  In fact, you can't run many Fedora Core 3 binaries in SuSE Linux 9.3, the latest and greatest from the two of the most popular distributions distributions of the world.

Does the upcoming 3.0 release of the LSB plan to do anything about this issue?  How can I help?

Thanks ahead of time to anyone willing to reply.
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