[lsb-discuss] standardized C++ apps?

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Sat Jul 30 21:01:29 PDT 2005

--- "Karol Pietrzak (RIT Student)" <kap4020 at rit.edu>

> Hey everyone.
> My interests in Linux lie mostly in desktop arena,
> where Linux is currently weakest.  One of the
> biggest reasons, I think, is the lack of a
> standardized C++ ABI.
> In the real world, this means I can't run many (even
> most) Fedora Core 4 binaries in Fedora Core 3.  In
> fact, you can't run many Fedora Core 3 binaries in
> SuSE Linux 9.3, the latest and greatest from the two
> of the most popular distributions distributions of
> the world.
> Does the upcoming 3.0 release of the LSB plan to do
> anything about this issue?  How can I help?

Well there are several problems in trying to run
binaries from one distro to another and from one
distro version to another. The most obvious being what
architecture the binary is built on. Then there are
the compiler directives used by one distro as opposed
to another. Then there are the fine tuning and
bug-fixing of code by one distro over say the
"default" code. There are many more issues than this
small sampling. While I think a number of these issues
could be removed by building a standard calling
mechanism, I don't see how we can overcome the
tweaking of code by vendors to make their distro more
desirable. I think trying to approach this obstacle
would most likely lead to religious conflict. Lastly,
the problem with a standard is that it can be rapidly
outdated when you get to a certain level of atomicity.
Not to mention the shere magnitude of the proposed

humbly submitted,
Brian Densmore

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