[lsb-discuss] Plan to launch LSB-XML Dec 1st

Mark Johnson mrj at debian.org
Mon Nov 14 10:17:45 PST 2005

Hi All,

Just a heads-up...

I had worked this out with Mats many months ago.

The scope of the LSB sub-workgroup will be to develop & recommend best 
practices for XML Catalogs, installation directories for XML resources, 
some file naming conventions, and, eventually, some policy for caching 
XML resources from the network (and registering them in the XML catalog 

I've got a freestandards mailing list, a bugzilla component, an xml-spec 
on gforge.freestandards.org, a website (http://www.lsb-xml.org), the 
list archives from a previous attempt at such work, and a list of likely 

It'll take me a couple more weeks to setup the website, post some 
process docs, and write a news item/press release.

If you have any questions and/or comments, feel free to contact me.

Below is a rough draft of the announcement.


The Linux Standard Base XML Workgroup

The goal of the LSB-XML Workgroup is to develop and promote a robust,
extensible XML/SGML component of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) that
focuses on the implementation of XML and SGML-related tools and
technologies on LSB systems.

With a substantial base of support from the open source community as
well as commercial developers targeting enterprise implementations,
XML has clearly become the container of choice for digital
information. Also, the evolution of XML tools from SGML tools and the
gradual shift of much open source documentation from SGML to XML has
resulted in a good deal of overlap between the two technologies, for
which this workgroup will provide solutions.

For LSB-compliant systems to meet their stated goal of compatibility,
the completion of a fully-developed specification for XML- and
SGML-related applications is essential.

The workgroup deliverables will be important to application developers
working on software in this domain, as they will need to know the
specifics of a number of implementation issues. Examples here are the
policies for directory layouts, file placement, caching and
registration mechanisms for resources retrieved from the network, as
well as implementation recommendations for OASIS XML Catalogs.
Additionally, the workgroup may also consider developing
recommendations for tools to aid in the packaging and registration of
resources during installation.

The deliverables of the workgroup will be included in both the LSB and
in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).

In short, the efforts of the LSB-XML workgroup will ensure that all
LSB-compliant systems will implement a portable, robust set of
policies for XML and/or SGML resources and tools.

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