[lsb-discuss] LSB sample implementation

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Wed Aug 2 08:08:25 PDT 2006

>This one was briefly touched at the f2f in Boston. The basic premise
>here is to create a build environment that assures that non LSB
>interfaces are not picked up by accident.
>I envision this as a rudimentary distribution which could be 
>set up on a machine which builds the application in question. 
>The distribution could be provided as an ISO. Other options 
>could be instructions, similar to Linux From Scratch (LFS) 
>on howto create such a rudimentary distribution. A third 
>option might be a document which provides instruction on how
>to turn a SUSES and/or RedHat system into such a build environment.
>I understand that FSG is not interested in creating a competing
>distribution and that there are many issues surrounding such "feature".
>However, I think this could be accomplished without creating a
>maintenance nightmare and without stepping into the competing
>distribution realm.

I don't quite remember this discussion (I was on the phone
only), but we have such a thing.

There are two development kits:

- a set of tools that include lsbcc, etc.
- a complete set, designed to be used as a chroot (lsb-buildenv)

The latter is what you are asking about, although it's missing
the final bits to make it useful as a bootable entity.

And as John has pointed out, this is something we have to
tread very carefully with so that the word "reference"
doesn't creep in to the discussion: this is "a way to
do things", it is not "the" way or the "reference" way.


P.S. buildenv is in beta, not released, for 3.1 (not least
because with zero feedback so far, we don't yet have the
confidence that it's right).  There is a released copy for 3.0.

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