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Wed Aug 2 14:07:09 PDT 2006

Could someone from the LSB look at enclosed and comment.

George (gk4)

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Subject: new ATK/AT-SPI test suite in development
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 14:17:38 -0500

Referenced below is the start of a new ATK/AT-SPI test suite in
development from IBM.  The tests check ATK and AT-SPI functionality by
first using ATK functions to modify accessible objects and then using
the libspi AT-SPI functions to retrieve the accessible object
information.  This procedure is similar to the method an assistive
technology such as a screen reader would use.  The enclosed code is a
model test case for the test suite which checks the component interface
of the ATK Object. It will be used as a template for testing the
remaining ATK Object interfaces.

The test suite is managed by the TET Testcase Control Manager (TCM). The
TCM provides a "main" driver routine and interfaces for specifying order
and method for testcase execution.  This provides standard result and
error reporting.

We would like the LSB Test and FSGA ATSPI teams to review these initial
assertions and tests.  These tests are a contribution to the FSG and its
LSB and FSGA workgroups.


The LSB's ATK test suite was mentioned to me at the recent LSB Summit.
It checks a number of functions in seven (7) of the twenty-three (23)
ATK interfaces. For example, in the ATKRelationSet interface, the
atk_relation_set_add function is tested. However, there are several
other functions in the ATKRelationSet interface which should be tested.
The test suite is a monolithic program which does not appear to run
under a test driver.  Also, it was not possible to determine where the
test output was directed.  Are these tests normative in the LSB Desktop
conformance testing?


Best regards,


George (gk4)

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