[lsb-discuss] Questions on standardizing "IJS"

Banginwar, Rajesh rajesh.banginwar at intel.com
Thu Aug 3 16:01:49 PDT 2006

>If you don't want to pull in ghostscript I think you need to find a way
>tell the printing system via the PPD file "use some magic to print this
>file to this IJS interface" without explicitly mentioning ghostscript.

No, that wasn't my intention here. If IJS can only be invoked through GS
today, then I guess we will need that. There was some comment earlier
that IJS can be used without GS which is what triggered my comment.

For IJS (or anything else around printer driver side) to be useful, we
will need to make sure the rest of the things for that particular
printing workflow are also specified in LSB. 

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