[lsb-discuss] LSB-compliant way to get number of processors?

Dallman, John jgd at ugs.com
Mon Aug 7 02:01:53 PDT 2006

> I've found two ways so far to ask Linux how many processors 
> it has: get_nprocs() and sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN), but 
> neither of them seem to be allowed in LSB-compliant code. 

Any offers? If we can't find a way to do this, Parasolid on 
Linux is going to have to cease being LSB-compliant. This is 
not a prospect I welcome, but delivering what the customer
are actually asking for has to take priority over things 
they aren't bothered about. 

John Dallman, Parasolid Porting Engineer, +44-1223-371554 

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