[lsb-discuss] [Printing-architecture] Agreement ondirectory structure for printing

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Thu Aug 10 19:33:14 PDT 2006

>At 2006/8/10 18:43+0200  Andreas Jaeger writes:
>> On x86-64, ppc64 and s390x I suggest:
>> {/usr,/usr/local,/opt}/lib/printdriver for 32-bit x86, ppc, 
>s390 libraries
>> {/usr,/usr/local,/opt}/lib64/printdriver for 64-bit x86-64, 
>> libraries
>> Just don't hardcode lib but add a footnote that on lib64 systems,
>> lib64 is used,
>Yes, that would keep it consistent with the rest of the FHS.

So a twist on the old question surfaces... Debian systems don't 
really use lib64 for 64-bit systems AFAICT; each architecture is
considered "native" and native libs go in lib, not lib64.
/lib64 and /usr/lib64 tend to be symlinks, but I'm not sure
similar symlinks are made elsewhere in the hierarchy.  Are 
we implicitly saying this practice would need to be extended,
even into the /usr/local space, where FHS already says the 
distro should stay out?

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