[lsb-discuss] rpm error in lsbsi

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Tue Aug 15 06:09:48 PDT 2006


	    i 've built a lsbsi,and i want to test 
	applications with the appchk,archk,pkgchk
	but when i rpm the package in si chroot, it 
	said error: Failed dependencies:
	/opt/lsb/doc/lsb-appchk is needed by 
	lsb-appchk-3.1.1-1.i486 i check the dir,
	lsb-appchk is not included, what should i do ? 

This sounds similar to a problem I seem to reacll
you had before, but I don't recall ever hearing an

The packages don't explicitly have the shared
directories in them (/opt/lsb/bin/, /opt/lsb/lib/,
/opt/lsb/doc/, etc.), but they include files
which go into those directories.  I'm not aware
of any packaging system on Linux that won't
create the directory if it's needed in this case.
But it seems there must be such a situation.

Can you give details?  Is this a Debian-based
system?  What's the version of the package
manager (rpm or dpkg), and if applicable, what's
the version of alien?

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