[lsb-discuss] IJS Spec 1.0?

Fujinaka, Todd todd.fujinaka at intel.com
Wed Aug 16 10:46:10 PDT 2006

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>From: Till Kamppeter [mailto:till.kamppeter at gmail.com]
>Fujinaka, Todd wrote:
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>>>From: Ralph Giles [mailto:giles at ghostscript.com]
>>>On Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 08:50:54AM -0700, Fujinaka, Todd wrote:
>>>>Is the bug on the client side or in the library code? I was going to
>> use
>>>>the reference implementation for testing.
>>>It's at least in the library code. Fix is to implement ijs_ftoa().
>> I'm completely unclear on what needs to be fixed. Can you give me a
>> more of a hint?
>> So far, I found segmentation faults using the reference server on ESP
>> Ghostscript 8.15.1 on SLED10 and ESP Ghostscript 815.02 on FC5. A
>> compiled version of ghostscript-8.54-gpl works fine, as does GNU
>> Ghostscript 7.07 on RHEL4u3.
>> Is my problem bug #688048? There appears to be an extra check for
>> == NULL" in that bug than in what's in FC5.
>Have you tried whether the patches proposed in the bug report work? Are
>the segmentation faults restricted to GhostScript calls with

The patches would have to be applied by hand because of formatting
issues. I am also confused by the multiple forks of ghostscript and
whether the patch is applied to a CVS version, etc. I haven't used
ProcessColorModel at all and I'm still seeing errors.

I'm kind of thrashing around in the dark here and thought I'd ask people
with more knowledge. Hin-Tak Leung was the one who suggested that I look
at specific bugs and the one who told me that ijs is actually broken in
espgs-8.5.1. What I've found is what I've listed above. ESP GS 8.15.[12]
in SLED10 and FC5 DO NOT WORK with the reference server and die with
segfaults. I don't know enough about ghostscript or the reference ijs to
figure out where the problem lies.

Also, with those distros, I have NOT been able to get HPIJS to work.
This is probably because I'm trying to run gs on the command line and
get an output file. Unfortunately, I do NOT know enough to do more than
spend a lot of time experimenting with command line switches and the
command line I stole from foomatic.

I've haven't gotten very far with my fiddling, with google, and with
emailing the experts.

Any help would be appreciated.

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