[lsb-discuss] IJS Spec 1.0?

Fujinaka, Todd todd.fujinaka at intel.com
Thu Aug 17 08:09:06 PDT 2006

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>Subject: RE: IJS Spec 1.0?
>If you put cups in "debug" mode you can get the actual gs/hpijs command
>line from the CUPS error_log. This command line is generated by
>rip at spool time. To enable CUPS "debug" mode see the following
>http://hplip.sourceforge.net/troubleshooting/printing.html .
>Here is a gs/hpijs command example from my error_log which I modified
>convert mozilla.ps to out.pcl.
>sIjsServer=hpijs -sDeviceManufacturer="HEWLETT-PACKARD" -
>-dDuplex=false -r300 -
>y:PenSet=2 -dIjsUseOutputFD -sOutputFile=out.pcl mozilla.ps
>This command should run ok on GPL/GNU or ESP GS.

Just as a follow-up on what I found on GS/ESPGS: there is a bug in ESP
GS v8.15 (and possibly gnu gs of the same era) that requires that "-r"
be greater than 185. I've only done spot checks with two postscript
files, so I'm not sure that's the complete description of the problem,
but -r185 segfaults and -r186 (and greater) work fine.

Thanks for the help!

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