[lsb-discuss] Printer/driver testing and certification

Francois Dechelle fdechelle at mandriva.com
Fri Aug 18 09:09:01 PDT 2006


Till Kamppeter a écrit :

> François Déchelle wants to implement the test scripts.

If I can contribute to printing test automation, I'd be very happy, but 
as usual, I have quite a lot of things to do before that, namely the 
EDOS testing framework. And then, I'll integrate test suites, for 
instance printing test suite if available. So I cannot commit myself to 
provide the test scripts in a near future.

Is there already some materials regarding printing test automation? Did 
someone already had a look at this issue?

>    Till
> P. S.: François Déchelle os also organizing an EDOS meeting here in
> Paris: http://www.edos-project.org/xwiki/bin/Main/WP3_Workshop_200609

It's an internal EDOS workshop, but I'll publish the outcomes on the 
Edos web site.



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