[lsb-discuss] [Printing-summit] Printer/driver testing andcertification

Nick Stoughton nick at usenix.org
Mon Aug 21 10:08:54 PDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-08-21 at 06:39 -0700, Dan Kohn wrote:
> Jens, thanks for your thoughts.  In short, the LSB Certification  
> process consists of self-testing, combined with as comprehensive a  
> test suite as we can build.  The results of the test suite are  
> uploaded to the LSB.  We're not looking to test the printers (or  
> apps, or distros) ourselves.

Dan ... it is vital to grasp the difference between the LSB, the Linux
Standard base, which is a specification with a program of other
supporting features, and the FSG, the Free Standards group, which is a
commercial entity responsible for the LSB certification program.

The results of the test suite have absolutely no place in the
specification, and should NOT be uploaded to the LSB! On the other hand,
they are an essential part of the certification process, and should be
uploaded to the FSG, who should be auditing them.

And as Doug said earlier, are we really expecting to have hardware tests
as a part of the certification program? This is definitely going off
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