[lsb-discuss] symbols from libX11 and libXext

Matt Taggart taggart at carmen.fc.hp.com
Mon Aug 21 17:24:39 PDT 2006

Hi lsb-discuss,

I'm auditing an application for LSB compliance and it is using some symbols 
in a few LSB libs that aren't in the LSB:

  XkbSetPerClientControls _XAllocTemp _Xglobal_lock _XUnlockMutex_fn
  _XFreeTemp _XReadPad _XLockMutex_fn _XReply _XDeqAsyncHandler
  _XGetAsyncReply _XSetLastRequestRead _XEatData _XFlush _XSend
  _XRead _XVIDtoVisual
  XextAddDisplay XextFindDisplay XextRemoveDisplay XMissingExtension

Any comments on if these? Are they suitable for the LSB, not suitable, or 
should the application be using something else instead?


Matt Taggart        Open Source & Linux Organization R&D
taggart at fc.hp.com   Hewlett-Packard

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