[lsb-discuss] potential lsb-apache FVT problem and /etc/services

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Wed Aug 23 06:55:33 PDT 2006

>> >You make the assumption that getservbyport will parse /etc/services.
>> >What happens if somebody use a real database as used as backend for
>> >NIS?
>> Aren't we just talking about the LSB Functional Verification Test? Do
>> people go to all the trouble of setting up NIS, etc, to check if
>> distros pass the FVT? Or are the "bare bones" set-ups tested?
>Which trouble? If you install a SUSE Linux product, this are two
>additional mouse clicks. Which means of course we setup up NIS all 
>the  times. Or LDAP/kerberos, depending on in which test lab the 
>machine is located.

For the purposes of this particular test "script" (here meaning
a set of steps for a human to follow, not a command interpreter),
we'd like a way to confirm that there's a services entry for
a webserver.  There's no LSB-standard command-line way to
ask that question (because the place a particular services
entry is obtained from is unspecified, grepping in /etc/services
like we do now certainly isn't). Maybe we should write a simple
program that does a getervbyport call and include it in the
package, but it seems like overkill...

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