[lsb-discuss] Version Control Migration News

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Wed Aug 23 13:00:19 PDT 2006

I'm wrapping up the last few tasks for the LSB migration off CVS.  

The final migration off CVS for LSB will be happening soon, most likely
this weekend.  If you've been doing some large-ish project in CVS, you
should probably migrate it to bzr now or commit your changes before

Here are the most recent changes:

 - The latest Bazaar (note no -NG; name change) is out, version 0.9.
There are reports of some impressive speed improvements, as well as a
few nice new features.  0.10 will be out soon, with some promise for
even more improvements.

 - Mats has built a LSB-compliant package for bzr based on 0.9, which
only relies on lsb-python in the appbat.  You can get it from here:


 - There are two new projects in devel: lsbweb and autotest.  The lsbweb
project was an oversight from the rest of the devel migration; it's
currently being synced from CVS.  The autotest project is a bzr tree
from Jiri Dluhos's lsb-autotest package, which has been talked about
here.  It's still in sorta-evaluation mode, but will hopefully meet
Jiri's approval soon.

 - By popular demand from the OpenPrinting folks, the patch queue
manager now supports bzr 0.9 bundles.  A bundle is like a patch, except
enhanced to include all the information bzr stores for revisions.
Creating a bundle on branch A and pulling/merging it on branch B is
equivalent to a direct pull from A to B.  We still recommend that
branches be published for public review; that's part of the benefit that
bzr is supposed to provide us with.  But for those people who find it
difficult to publish branches (such as people behind corporate
firewalls), there is now a way to merge without publishing.

Final tasks:

 - Migrate lsbspec.  This will be a big job.  We're currently evaluating
whether to get rid of some of the generated files before migrating it.
For these and other reasons, lsbspec might end up being the last live
CVS project.

 - Fix some of the projects that assume the presence of CVS so they work
with bzr instead.  I will be publishing some unofficial trees for this

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