[lsb-discuss] [Fwd: new ATK/AT-SPI test suite in development]

Banginwar, Rajesh rajesh.banginwar at intel.com
Thu Aug 24 17:21:37 PDT 2006

Hi George,
	I took a quick look at this. I think the test development is on
the right track as far as I can tell. 

Unfortunately I could not get it running on my RHEL4 and SLED10 box? I
was able to build, but the journal is showing all 6 tests as failures.
Can you update the readme so that I can build and run this with LSB TET
packages? More instructions regarding both building and running will be

Sorry to take this long to reply...



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>Could someone from the LSB look at enclosed and comment.
>George (gk4)
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>Subject: new ATK/AT-SPI test suite in development
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>Referenced below is the start of a new ATK/AT-SPI test suite in
>development from IBM.  The tests check ATK and AT-SPI functionality by
>first using ATK functions to modify accessible objects and then using
>the libspi AT-SPI functions to retrieve the accessible object
>information.  This procedure is similar to the method an assistive
>technology such as a screen reader would use.  The enclosed code is a
>model test case for the test suite which checks the component interface
>of the ATK Object. It will be used as a template for testing the
>remaining ATK Object interfaces.
>The test suite is managed by the TET Testcase Control Manager (TCM).
>TCM provides a "main" driver routine and interfaces for specifying
>and method for testcase execution.  This provides standard result and
>error reporting.
>We would like the LSB Test and FSGA ATSPI teams to review these initial
>assertions and tests.  These tests are a contribution to the FSG and
>LSB and FSGA workgroups.
>The LSB's ATK test suite was mentioned to me at the recent LSB Summit.
>It checks a number of functions in seven (7) of the twenty-three (23)
>ATK interfaces. For example, in the ATKRelationSet interface, the
>atk_relation_set_add function is tested. However, there are several
>other functions in the ATKRelationSet interface which should be tested.
>The test suite is a monolithic program which does not appear to run
>under a test driver.  Also, it was not possible to determine where the
>test output was directed.  Are these tests normative in the LSB Desktop
>conformance testing?
>Best regards,
>George (gk4)
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