[lsb-discuss] Version Control: LSB Bazaar repositories are Live!

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Sun Aug 27 20:34:00 PDT 2006

Tonight, I have marked all of the LSB projects in CVS but one read-only,
and have stopped synchronization with bzr (after a final sync).  This
means that the bzr projects are now the canonical way to make changes to
the LSB.

As a reminder, documentation about how the FSG Bazaar repositories work,
and how to use them, is here:


There are a few issues left:

 - Autobuilders/CVS usage
 - Imminent 3.2 branch
 - lsbspec

Autobuilders/CVS usage

One of the issues with the migration to bzr has been that certain code
uses CVS directly in its work, namely the autobuilder and packaging

I have made unofficial branches of autobuilder and packaging (named with
"-lsb2bzr" tacked on; see http://bzr.freestandards.org/unofficial), and
have made the changes to each to enable those projects to use bzr
instead of cvs.  They are tested, but only by me; further testing is
requested.  Assuming there are no issues (and silence implies no
issues), these branched will be merged with the official trees this

Please let me know if there are other projects that use CVS directly, as
I may have missed some.

Imminent 3.2 branch

Once autobuilder and packaging get squared away, I will branch the 3.1
projects back into devel.  This will inaugurate serious development for
LSB 3.2.

This is a change from the way things worked previously; because branches
were so painful in CVS, development on the next version tended to wait
as bugfixes for the current version trickled out.  Now, bugfixes can be
worked on in the 3.1 branches at the same time as new development can
happen on the devel branches.  Bugfixes will make their way into devel
via regular merges from 3.1 into devel.

For this reason, we must now take care to do our work in the right
version.  Relevant changes to 3.1 should happen in the 3.1 branch.
Effectively, changes made in devel will not be available for 3.1.  If
there is any confusion about where a change should be made, please ask
on the mailing list or IRC.

As of now, I plan to not branch lsb-vsw4 to devel, given that it seems
likely that we will use lsb-xts5 for X11 testing in 3.2 and following.
If this is incorrect, we can branch vsw4 for 3.2, but we should make
sure we want to do this.


This is the "but one" part.  We're still trying to solve some problems
with lsbspec.  So, for now, continue to use CVS for changes to that

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