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subhranshu patel spatel1482 at yahoo.co.in
Tue Aug 29 23:46:07 PDT 2006

Under LSB.os directory structure the following directory exists-
  aio , devclass , files , genuts , ioprim , ipc,  jump  ,libdl  ,mfiles , mprotect , procenv,  procprim  ,streamio , string  ,time.
  Under which directory should I include gethostname.

Andrew Josey <ajosey at rdg.opengroup.org> wrote:
  I'd suggest you add it to LSB.os since that way its clearly an LSB
extension over the other test suites that have been integrated into

On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 05:51 +0100, subhranshu patel wrote:
> There are four os sections within the path /home/tet/test_sets/tset/
> in lsb-runtime-test-3.1.0-6.src.rpm POSIX.os 
> LSB.os
> ANSI.os 
> PTHR.os
> Which one should be the correct directory for including the test case
> for "gethostname" api. 


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