[lsb-discuss] lsb-runtime-test-

Andrew Josey ajosey at rdg.opengroup.org
Wed Aug 30 22:29:28 PDT 2006

This is described briefly in 6.1 of the VSXgen spec, available from:


The test assertions files can be created using any text editor

On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 05:14 +0100, Muppana Lalita Prasad wrote:
> Hi All,   The test assertion file for the API strncmp() T.strncmp
> under the
> directory /home/tet/test_sets/MAN/tset/ANSI.os/string/strncmp is a
> troff or preprocessor input text file.   Which utility should I use to
> create it and what is proper way to view this file?   Awaiting for
> reply.   Regards, Prasad 


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