[lsb-discuss] Adding statfs interfaces

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Thu Dec 14 13:54:20 PST 2006

It appears the whole point of the requested fstatfs 
interface is to be able to determine the file system
type on which a given file resides.  The problem is,
I'm not aware of a canonical source for the 
identifiers. You can find them by grepping around in
headers in /usr/include/linux, and you find one per
file system type but everywhere I look I get a 
different list - not different numbers, but a
different set of file system identifiers.

So in an effort to keep things simple, is
there a need for identifying specific filesystems
/other than/ NFS?  The way it's been expressed
when I've been listening, the need is to do
"is this file being provided by NFS?  If so,
possibly do something different than the default case"

If that covers it, I'll just put the NFS identifier
in the spec.  Otherwise, I need to know which ones
need to be supported, and why.

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