[lsb-discuss] Adding statfs interfaces

Camp, TracyX E tracyx.e.camp at intel.com
Thu Dec 14 14:19:20 PST 2006

Sadly we don't have a file system attributes interface in linux (NT has
such a thing which can tell you if the file system supports various
optional semantics).  What you really want to know as an application is
'does this file system support locking in a sane fashion'?  A file
system magic value is less than optimal for doing this since every app
needs to have some magic/workrounds table internally.


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>> everywhere I look I get a different list - not different 
>> numbers, but a different set of file system identifiers.
>Is there some reason we need the text mapping as part of the 
>standard (as opposed to just a way to get and use the "number")
>> If that covers it, I'll just put the NFS identifier
>> in the spec.  Otherwise, I need to know which ones
>> need to be supported, and why.
>I don't recall the specifics, but as I recall, AFS was also something 
>we originally had to "program" around.  Not sure that "old memory" is 
>Nearly enough to warrant putting it in the list...But maybe it's a 
>networked vs. local file system type thing...
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