[lsb-discuss] Another new klik recipe to play with: Opera 9.1 Beta

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at gmx.net
Sat Dec 16 14:08:08 PST 2006

Having had a few minutes of leisure, I took the time to create the 
recipe for a "klik://opera91" bundle. (Currently only tested on SUSE 
10.0; the current recipe requires a Qt 3.3.x library to be installed 
on the system; a different recipe could use Opera's static build just 
the same).

It's probably interesting for our ISVs to watch how, from a user's 
point of view, it works out to see the 

    "1 application == 1 file == 1 click to install/run"

concept in action:

 --> The user needs a working installation of the klik client. (To
     get that, it only takes a few seconds: run [as non-root user!] 
     this command: "wget klik.atekon.de/client/install -O -|sh" and 
     follow instructions).

 --> The user types "klik://opera91" into Firefox, Konqueror or elinks
     address field.

 --> Download of the "ingredient" starts (from the official Opera
     website, so their statistics are complete, *grin*):

 --> Ingredient (here only one .deb package) is converted by the klik
     client into a .cmg file named "opera91.cmg" (process is invisible
     to user; power users may want to "watch ls -ltr /tmp/klik/opera91")

 --> Opera (Version 9.1, Build 521) starts up, using locally installed
     Qt and Java Runtime Environment (if present).

 --> The page "opera:about" can show you some more details.

 --> After you close the window again, you are asked to provide some
     feedback to klik in a simple popup dialog (which you can then 
     see at http://klik.atekon.de/comments.php  on the klik website 
     and at http://opera91.klik.atekon.de/comments/).

 --> After you closed the klik-ed opera91, you'll find the single file 
     "opera91.cmg" on your desktop. In the desktop menu there should
     now be a new entry "Applications (installed by klik)" listing 

 --> You can move the opera91.cmg to any place you like (even a USB 
     thumbdrive or a CD-RW) and run it from there (just be aware that
     the desktop menu entry will not work, unless you startup the
     .cmg once via commandline: "~/.zAppRun /path/to/opera91.cmg")

Oh, and of course the (in)famous Opera Widgets do also work with the
klik-ed version. (I recommend you try the "SimAquarium" one for a 
start:  http://widgets.opera.com/widget/5040 )

For the curious folks out there, here is a quick way to save the 
recipe and look at it more closely:

 * run the klik handler from commandline with verbosity enabled: 
   "sh -x ~/.klik klik://opera91" and watch what it is doing.
 * you see it fetching+executing the recipe when you notice a line 
   starting "+ wget -q ''. 
   Interrupt the download/execution at this point with [ctrl]+[c].
 * copy that wget line completely, but modify its end: instead of
   "-O -" make it read "-O ~/opera91.recipe". Run the modified wget
   command. This will fetch and store (without execution) the 
   opera91.recipe file into your home directory so you can analyze 


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