[lsb-discuss] Installation directories

Ian Murdock imurdock at imurdock.com
Sat Dec 16 15:35:56 PST 2006

On 12/16/06, Donya Shirzad <dshirzad at real.com> wrote:
> At 5:01 PM -0500 12/16/06, Ian Murdock wrote:
> >>  >3)  Are we allowed to create links from the binary in any of these
> >>>directories back to the standard path directories?  It seemed that
> >>>Section 4 of the lsb book said no.
> >>
> >>No.  The concept is to stay completely out of the "distro namespace",
> >>and there's not a lot of difference between installing a binary
> >>into /usr/bin and putting a symlink there.
> >
> >Hrm, we really need to provide *some* sort of guidance here.. Is this
> >where we should point to xdg-utils (on the assumption that the main goal
> >here is to make the software findable by the user, so a menu entry or
> >desktop icon would suffice)?
> Not all programs are meant to be run from an icon.  RealPlayer would
> be fine with just an icon, but I don't think that would solve
> everything.

Yes, but presumably other cases imply command line access, so having
people configure their path etc. isn't a big deal if they're already
expected to be on the command line.

However, this does bring up the question of browser plugins.. Presumably,
RealPlayer wants to install one of those, so wouldn't it have to install
something into /usr even with the icon? Or is there an xdg util for that?

Ian Murdock

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