[lsb-discuss] Installation directories

Nick Stoughton nick at usenix.org
Mon Dec 18 09:50:47 PST 2006

On Sat, 2006-12-16 at 13:28 -0800, Donya Shirzad wrote:

> What is the LSB suggestion for a command line user-installed package 
> to get into the executable path?
> Thanks,
> - Donya

See 16.2 ....

A directory containing shell scripts. Script names should follow the
same conventions as specified for cron jobs (see Cron Jobs, but should
have the suffix .sh. The behavior is unspecified if a script is
installed in this directory that does not have the suffix .sh.

The sh utility shall read and execute commands in its current execution
environment from all the shell scripts in this directory that have the
suffix .sh when invoked as an interactive login shell, or if the -l (the
letter ell) is specified (see Shell Invocation).

The idea is you provide a /etc/profile.d/real.sh script to set the path
and any other environment stuff you need.
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