[lsb-discuss] testing and more

Wichmann, Mats D mats.d.wichmann at intel.com
Wed Dec 20 10:49:11 PST 2006

good thoughts.

>However, in the live of an
>application developers print more than "Hello World", what if the
>interface fails when the string being printed is very large, I realize
>there has to be some kind of cut off point but would it not be the
>responsibility of an LSB compliant distribution to have interfaces work
>in extreme cases? Shouldn't the LSB test suite make it easy to test
>these extreme cases?

what the distro tests do do is kick at boundary conditions.
if there's an error code for "string too large", the test will
try to cause that, and make sure the interface fails gracefully -
that is, really fails, and really generates the error code it
is supposed to, and doesn't crash.

that's not all of what you're asking for, I know, and it's
not even pushed that far for all the libraries.

>Last but not least, and I know we hit on this topic many times before,
>should we not have a frame work that allows a relatively open and easy
>contribution of tests to the LSB?
>Lets take the X.org bug as an example for this one. Since this bug
>effects a large number of people someone is going to come up with a
>hopefully relatively simple test case. Since the bug is triggered by
>using only LSB interfaces the test case should become part of the LSB
>test suite (I understand that we may not be able to add every test for
>every LSB component, but lets just continue this train of thought for
>now). The submitter of the test case has already done a lot of work,
>thus he should not necessarily be required to deal with integration and

I don't think we'd have a problem integrating a resonable test case,
although in the case of the X tests the setup is fairly complicated
and integration is tough.  In the rest of your text you mention
copyright assignment, and we'd actually like a test in this specific
case to flow upstream to X.org, who wants assignment to them, after 
which we'll take it back in via import of their test tarball. Of
course if that's too slow we'd have to craft it in temporarily at
our end.

>Yes, there are many questions to be answered, we have to start the
>discussion somewhere....

Indeed... again, thanks.

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