[lsb-discuss] statfs specification addition: review

Camp, TracyX E tracyx.e.camp at intel.com
Thu Dec 21 14:56:28 PST 2006

  I think my point still stands, that the
>file system is emphimeral over a long-enough time span and applications
>should not be asked to depend upon it specifically.

To put it another way... forget future-proofing your application,
consider now-proofing it.  I was at a Samba conference a few years back
and we played a fun word game:
"Name a file system that begins with ever letter of the alphabet".  Its
actually quite easy, and over 1/2 the file systems you will be able to
name, can and do appear on linux, not to mention many file systems have
rolled-over the 3-letter 'x-FS' convention into 'xx-FS' naming
conventions.  Thats a lot of magic to keep track of as an application

Tracy Camp

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