[lsb-discuss] bugzilla traffic

Ian Murdock imurdock at imurdock.com
Wed Jun 14 11:46:27 PDT 2006

As discussed on the call yesterday, we have created a second mailing list
for the bugzilla traffic:


All bugzilla traffic will be rerouted here (though an occasional
email may come through based on a bug's ownership trail). The
goal is to keep lsb-discuss focused on, well, discussion and, thus,
free of the automated email traffic which is primarily of interest
to the core developers. As Mats pointed out, though, the
bug traffic often sparks discussion--that should still happen here.

In summary, feel free to subscribe to the second mailing list if you
want to watch the sausage get made. Otherwise, you're already in the
right place.


Ian Murdock

"Don't look back--something might be gaining on you." --Satchel Paige

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