[lsb-discuss] New Version Control Migration Trial

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Thu Jun 15 08:32:15 PDT 2006

There's a new trial migration of LSB's CVS to Bazaar-NG available.  As
with the previous trial, I intend to update the trial once a day,
pulling revisions from CVS.  The old trial was updated today, but will
not be updated again.  It is unlikely that branches from the old trial
can be made to pull from the new one, so you will probably need to

IMPORTANT: Since this is a trial, all LSB real work should stay in CVS
for now.

This new trial is hosted on its own site, bzr.freestandards.org.  You
can point a browser at it; the toplevel and lsb directories are very
austere, but the project directories below that should provide useful
information via bazaar-webserve.  (If anyone would like to volunteer to
write decent index pages for the toplevel and lsb directories, I
wouldn't mind.)  Each project has a "Repository" link, which should work
for "bzr branch".

I've set up a proposal for laying out the repositories.  Basically, it
works like this:

      released -> 3.1

The leaf directories above would hold the project repositories
themselves.  Each workgroup would be able to have a toplevel laid out
similarly to lsb.  The unofficial directory holds user branches, and
would not be limited to any specific workgroup.

The actual LSB projects are under 3.1 (or released, if you prefer);
nothing is currently available under devel.  The projects have been
split following the recommendations of several testers of the previous
trial.  A few more splits may be needed; specifically, build_env and
misc are candidates for further splitting.  Suggestions are welcome.

This trial is not complete; several items still remain.  Most of these
will be fixed in this trial.

 - I am still setting up the patch queue manager, and expect to make
commit access available to the trial repos soon.

 - The tarball/zip download links do not include the .bzr directories,
and are thus unusable as an alternative to "bzr branch" for large
projects.  This needs to be fixed.

 - Further rearrangements of the layout and further splits may be
needed.  Please make suggestions to me; the new splits will happen in
the next trial.

 - The "lsbspec" project has yet to be migrated.  Other LSB projects may
also need to be migrated; please let me know of anything you notice.

 - It's not appropriate to categorize all of LSB CVS as "released" for
3.1; some examples of unreleased stuff include xts5.  These should be
moved to the devel tree.  If you notice anything else that shouldn't
have the "3.1" label, please let me know.

 - The history on some projects is incomplete right now, as the
migration is still in progress.  This will be fixed within the next day
or so.

 - Browsing the history online is almost worthless, since bzr-webserve
only shows the first line of the log, and tailor prepends a generated
line to each log message on migration.  This will likely require a
change to our tailor configuration, and will most likely require redoing
the entire migration, so it will not happen until the next trial.

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