[lsb-discuss] GNOME certification

Pradosh Adoni pradosh.adoni at codito.com
Wed Jun 21 13:25:09 PDT 2006

It's late where I am :), so I won't be explicit.
I think I'm concerned about certification fragmentation ...

> We're trying to work on the GNOME certification to make it ready ASAP
> (which can be hard since we're all busy ;-)).
> Basically, the goal of the GNOME certification is to make it possible
> for ISD and ISV to make it clear that their applications work fine in
> GNOME. This implies several things: some of them are technical (use
> gnome-vfs to access files, use gnome-keyring to store sensitive data on
> disk, etc.) and some of them are really high-level (HIG-compliant
> interface, internationalization of the app, etc.).
> There's some overlap with LSB (although I'm not very familiar with LSB)
> and there's some work for us to do there, but there are also items that
> probably can't live in LSB since they're really GNOME-specific.
> Feel free to hook up with us ;-)
> Vincent
> --
> Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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