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Le mercredi 21 juin 2006 à 14:46 -0700, Banginwar, Rajesh a écrit :
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> > Le mercredi 21 juin 2006 à 22:57 +0530, Pradosh Adoni a écrit :
> > > looks like there has been some thought given to GNOME certification.
> > >
> > > http://live.gnome.org/GnomeCertification
> > > http://blogs.gnome.org/view/bolsh/2006/06/20/1
> > >
> > >  I'm not sure what the status of these ideas are, but probably a good
> > idea
> > > to hook up with the GNOME guys on this some time
> > 
> > We're trying to work on the GNOME certification to make it ready ASAP
> > (which can be hard since we're all busy ;-)).
> > 
> > Basically, the goal of the GNOME certification is to make it possible
> > for ISD and ISV to make it clear that their applications work fine in
> > GNOME. This implies several things: some of them are technical (use
> > gnome-vfs to access files, use gnome-keyring to store sensitive data on
> > disk, etc.) and some of them are really high-level (HIG-compliant
> > interface, internationalization of the app, etc.).
> > 
> > There's some overlap with LSB (although I'm not very familiar with LSB)
> > and there's some work for us to do there, but there are also items that
> > probably can't live in LSB since they're really GNOME-specific.
> We should make sure at least that there are no conflicting requirements. >From what I am gathering through these emails, most likely LSB certification will be subset of the proposed Gnome certification (from technical requirements point of view)...

Indeed, we don't want conflicting requirements. Nothing is set in stone
for the GNOME certification, so it's not too late for input (what is on
the live.gnome.org was a draft from last year, iirc).

> > 
> > Feel free to hook up with us ;-)
> We should discuss this more. Would you like to join one of the LSB conference calls to chat about this? We can always continue the discussion here on the mailing list.

I guess it's better to let John Palmieri join the conference calls (at
least for me since I'm already overloaded), but I'll participate on the
list :-)

This is a subject that will be discussed next week at GUADEC. If you
have specific questions or concerns, John and I can gather them and it
will help us focus on this at GUADEC.



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