[lsb-discuss] Test cases for libncurses

Andrew Josey ajosey at rdg.opengroup.org
Thu Jun 22 07:36:43 PDT 2006

If i recall the approach used by some test suites (i.e. the XCURSES test
suite) is to use a buffer to represent the screen and then to examine
it. As you say,thats licensed to The Open Group under terms that prevent
it being open sourced , you might always want to approach the head
copyright owners. With xts5 X.Org managed to get all
the parties to release the code of VSW5 which was in a similar situation
under an OSS license

>The window system tests (xts5) might provide a conceptual model as they
>also have to create a window for almost every test. Of course curses and
>X11 use different programming models so there may not be much
>There is a test suite for the Single Unix Specification curses
>but it's licensed code, not freely available. I don't have access to it.


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