[lsb-discuss] [Bug 1417] New: the fontconfig test sometimes does not produce any test point results at all

bugzilla-daemon at freestandards.org bugzilla-daemon at freestandards.org
Thu Jun 22 09:01:12 PDT 2006

Sometimes, the fontconfig test finishes without producing any test point results
(neither OKs nor fails, nor any other result); the output journal looks like
this (observed on a ppc machine):

0|3.7-lite 12:59:05 20060613|User: vsx0 (0) TCC Start, Command line: tcc -p -e
5|Linux openpower #1 SMP Tue Jun 6 13:22:03 UTC 2006
ppc64|System Information
20|/opt/lsb/test/desktop/fontconfig/tetexec.cfg 1|Config Start
40||Config End
70||"Starting fontconfig test suite"
10|0 /tc/tc1 12:59:05|TC Start, scenario ref 2-0
80|0 1 12:59:06|TC End, scenario ref 2-0
70||"Done running fontconfig test suite"
900|12:59:06|TCC End   
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