[lsb-discuss] FINAL Version Control Migration

Jeff Licquia jeff at licquia.org
Sun Jun 25 21:29:18 PDT 2006

I have redone the migration from CVS to Bazaar-NG for the LSB projects.
We are still in trial mode, so please continue to use CVS for real work.
But, assuming there are no last-minute warts found in the new
repositories, these repositories will go live, possibly within the next
few days.  As with the previous trials, I will sync these repositories
with CVS once a day until the migration is complete, which means that
commits done with the patch queue manager will be destroyed regularly
until then.

If you are a regular user of LSB CVS, and you have been waiting to work
with bzr until the migration is ready to happen, now is the time to
install bzr and start learning to work with it.  Please, please tell me
if anything's wrong!  I want to avoid running into gotchas after the
migration as much as I can.  There is also some information on the LSB
Wiki (http://www.freestandards.org/en/Version_Control).

In general, the repositories can be used in the same ways as the phase 2
repositories.  The layout has changed, but only slightly, from the
previous phase.  The name changes made by Mats were made only
cosmetically in the previous phase, but they are now the standard names.

Unfortunately, because of the way the migration is performed, old
checkouts from the second phase will likely not update properly from the
new repositories.  Again assuming no problems are found that require a
re-migration, checkouts that happen now are expected to work well with
our repositories for the foreseeable future.  The phase 2 repositories
are still available (as lsb-phase2), but will not be updated, and will
be deleted in the next few days.

Two enhancements have been made from the previous trial.  First, the
extra garbage tailor had been adding has been removed, making the
bzr-webserve log page useful again.

Second, tag information is now available.  To use tags, install the tags
plugin; its bzr repository is at
http://michael.ellerman.id.au/bzr/plugins/tags.  I will be updating the
wiki with directions on installing and using the plugin soon; until
then, if you want to try out the tags and have problems, please mail me
or contact me on IRC.

There are a few remaining tasks before the migration can be completed:

 - Document the procedure for enabling tag support on bzr.

 - Implement security on the patch queue manager.

 - Identify parts of the LSB infrastructure which rely on pulling from
CVS, and migrate them to bzr.  Since checkouts should be valid going
forward, this work can begin now.

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