[lsb-discuss] LSB futures tracker: Rendezvous

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Mon Jun 26 06:08:21 PDT 2006

Theodore Tso wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 06:49:25PM -0400, Jeff Licquia wrote:
>>Right, but the issue with CUPS is whether the LSB should impose a
>>particular spooler's ABI on runtime implementations.  Must Solaris's
>>Linux compatibility layer, for example, include the CUPS ABI?
> What ABI is being proposed to be standardized upon?  Maybe I'm missing
> something, but wouldn't applications do well just shell out to either
> /usr/bin/lpr or /usr/bin/lp?

lp and lpr only allow sending a print job. They are not able to

- Enumerate the available printers
- Enumerate the options which are available for the printer selected by
  the user
- Send the job with supplied options (option supplying is not done the
  same way with all spoolers)
- List jobs which are in the queue
- Kill user-selected job
- ...

All this functionality is proveded by CUPS, CUPS-enhanced IPP, and
should also be provided by PAPI.


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