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>All this is supported by the CUPS API, but currently LSB apps which
>to use the CUPS API must include a CUPS library in their app.  A lot of
>vendors are not happy with this; they want to use the ABI provided by
>the distros, which is generally stable across distros.  But if we do
>this, we essentially canonize CUPS as "the LSB print system", which
>might not be the best approach for non-Linux systems which have
>different spoolers, or users who prefer other spoolers on Linux.

Let me point out that in LINUX, CUPS is the standard at the moment.
is a lot of worrying about other unices, which is something I'm not sure
understand. Solaris10 has IPP interfaces, for example, so they're not
to the old lp or lpr way of submitting print requests.

>The Open Printing workgroup has created a generic API called PAPI which
>should be a better candidate for standardizing, but it is too new, and
>is not shipping in any current distros.  So, the question is: do we
>for PAPI or add CUPS now?

Waiting for PAPI is also waiting for something that isn't included in
distros right now. Ideally, we could wait for PAPI. If an ISV asks for
CUPS, then we might have to think about pushing forward with CUPS.

>As an additional wrinkle, the desktop projects also include APIs for
>printing, which might also be good candidates for standardizing.

Lower down, they all use CUPS. And by "desktop projects" I'm thinking of
GNOME, KDE, and even xfce, and not some other outlier being considered
these "other unices." Do any of these other OSes have any impact on
LINUX? Is the current focus not desktop LINUX adoption?


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